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Blizzard of 77

Niagara’s Blizzard of 77 Remembered

I’m old enough to remember this devastating winter storm that hit Niagara on January 27th, 1977.

I was at home when within a few hours my car was almost completely covered and fluffy snow filled up to my roof line.

I was one of the lucky ones to be home with my wife and children safe in our home because I soon learned over the radio that this was just the beginning of a ferocious storm that would trap thousands of people in schools, police stations, bars, factories and stranger’s homes.
The blizzard was as a result of powerful winds which moved tones of fluffy snow from Lake Erie that had frozen over.

When things started to return to normal  damages and the cost for clean-up was in the neighbourhood of $300 million.

To learn more about this blizzard and to see some dramatic photographs Google, “Blizzard of 77”.