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5993 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 3Y2
Cuisine Indian

Moksha, from the Sanskrit for liberation, refers to freedom of the soul from the endless karmic cycle. Similarly, at Moksha Indian Bistro we strive to transcend conventional Indian restaurants with our inspired and modern Indian dining experience. We are located in Niagara Falls Canada, Fallsview.

Our menu takes root in the time honoured style of great Indian food, using bright aromatics, savoury spices and the freshest ingredients, with a whimsical interpretation. At Moksha Niagara Falls we take the familiar and elevate it into an experience for the senses. Come feast on the vibrant colours, inhale the fragrant aromas, consume the sound of sizzlers and take in the harmony of hot spices with cooling chutneys. This casual dining atmosphere is ideal for lunch, dinner or a night out in the Falls. With many sharable plates and drink pairings, we encourage you to try new flavours and share with friends. Come see why we are the best Indian Restaurant in Niagara Falls!

Hours of operation

11:30AM - 10:00PM
11:30AM - 10:00PM
11:30AM - 10:30PM
11:30AM - 10:30PM
11:30AM - 10:30PM
11:30AM - 10:00PM

Schedule is subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.

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