Rapidsview Parking Lot
Upper Rapids Blvd, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2E 6X8

The Canadian Colour Blast is a 5km colour throwing event with locations all across Canada. Lots of laughter, dancing and a whole blast of colour will be brought to Niagara Falls on Saturday, April 26th on Upper Rapids Blvd.

The event will be a blast, drawing out thousands of runners and walkers. There will be a celebration both before and after the race with lots of music and dancing, pumping up the crowed! Not only will you have a blast before and after the race but, also during the race. Throughout the 5km race you are getting blasted by our very own Blast Crew who blast you with powder. Add in a huge celebration at the end of the race and there will be nothing but smiles and, oh yeah – tons of colour!

Visit our website: http://www.canadiancolourblast.ca/ and sign up today!