Show Time - 6:15 PM Dinner / 7:30PM show

Ticket Prices: $19.98 - $34.98 + HST, Dinner: $24 + HST and grat.

The man's name is Bill Cayley and it must be an omen that someone born on the same birth date as Johnny Cash would someday be performing in the best tribute show to Johnny Cash on the planet.

Bill Cayley has been performing around North America for more than 40 years as a duo and with several bands. The addition of a June Carter-Cash character singing and "bonding" with Bill has put The Legend In Black a total cut above the rest. Audiences have already been seen with tears in their eyes as the two performers re-enact the legendary show that Johnny and June performed.

The three piece back-up band was produced to give audiences that quiet country feel that the Tennessee Trio produced over and over for Johnny Cash. This trio of musicians were selected based on one criteria, respect for the music.

What audiences are about to hear is the history, the sound, and feelings that Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash produced for fans to love all over the world.