Virgil Sports Park
1565 Four Mile Creek Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Canada, L0S 1J0

The Virgil Stampede is a community festival managed by Virgil’s Business Association
with all profit going towards the town’s sports, recreation and community projects. The
VBA is a non-profit organization composed of volunteers from various business
industries. Initially, the event was only geared towards providing amusement and
entertainment for the whole family. The event has been running for 45 years with more
than 10,000 attendees each year. It includes all the fun-filled activities such as
the Homeniuk Amusement Rides, refreshments stands, silent auctions, mud bogging
ATV’s and trucks and football tournaments. Two years ago, the Stampede added another
attraction: an indoor Home Show. Due to public demand, it is now running on its 3rd
successful year with a turn out of more than 1000 attendees. This year, 2014, the Virgil
Stampede will be incorporating other businesses that will capture an audience from all
walks of life. This community festival is now called The Virgil Stampede’s 2014 Spring

The Niagara Spring Show is an exhibition under the theme ‘Health, Wellness and Good
Lifestyle for the whole family’. Sports enthusiasts will also benefit on this show since
outdoor activities are part of the program. The show is an ideal market for exploring all
the stunning and beautiful things that one can enjoy and primarily focuses on healthy
living. This indoor/outdoor event will offer a wide array of food delicacies, fashion
shows, free makeovers, health, wellness and beauty secrets, cooking demos, sports
activities, home renovation advice and travel ideas. Exhibitors will have the opportunity
to find agents and distributors for their business products in the region.

The main highlight is the kid’s expo with a variety of fun-filled activities for the summer
season and vendors that offer a wide range of products and services. Likewise, the
Mompreneurs exhibits offer an extensive range of home décor, gift, apparel, make-up and
cosmetics, accessories and unique art collections. Dads will not be left behind with the
showcase of various sports products and home gadgets. Thus, there is something for each
member of the family!

Saturday May 17, Sunday May 18 and Monday May 20
11:00AM to 5:00PM


Children 15 and under freeFREE

Prices are subject to change without notice.