Mother’s Day is every day in Niagara Falls

Irish Proverb…” The moment a child is born a mother is also born”.

Mother’s Day is always celebrated in Canada and the United States on the second Sunday in May.It’s a day for everyone who’s had a mother(and believe it or not we’ve all had a mother),or Grandmother to show affection and gratitude to.One gift you can give to this special lady is the gift of time together.Take her away from the daily chores and spend some time with her in Niagara Falls.
There are plenty of things to enjoy.

Queen Victoria Park at the foot of Clifton Hill is literally the “Heart” of Niagara Falls. This lovely park contains a collection of unique native and international plants and a blaze of yellow and white daffodils and vibrant red tulips blooming with new growth.

Walking through this park near the falls you’ll enjoy a rock garden, hanging baskets, a Hybrid tea rose garden and attractive carpet-bedding displays. Park benches and well-groomed lawns provide a wonderful spot to unwind from the daily chores of life. You can even take her on a horse and carriage ride through the park .
Take mom on a-one-of-a-kind boat ride.