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4915 Clifton Hill, Ontario Canada, L2G 3N5

Adventure City
A modern day throwback to the arcade days of youth! Adventure City is the perfect venue, chock full of fun and excitement for kids of all ages. This 17,000 sq ft game centre features more than 125 classic arcade style games and updated favourites. Add to that, electronic games of skill like HighStriker and Slam A Winner Extreme. As you wind your way through Adventure City be sure to collect your game tickets to redeem for exclusive souvenirs and merchandise.

Adventure City also brings the fun with interactive rides. Take on the forces of evil to protect the city in our interactive dark ride - Tour Bus SWAT Team, bash your way through gridlock at Traffic Slam Bumper Cars-the only bumper cars in Niagara Falls, or head out on Safari at Glow in the Dark Wild Safari Mini Putt-just be sure not to disturb the King of the Jungle!

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