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5200 Robinson Street, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 2A3

The Battle of the Titans dinosaur exhibit is the newest addition to the Skylon Tower lineup of attractions.

The Battle of the Titans exhibit showcases some of the largest and unique dinosaurs that ever walked the earth. Go back in time 65 million years into the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods when dinosaurs walked the earth.

This interactive encounter includes fossils, videos, living dioramas, displays, and audio. Visitors will be able to see life-size robotic dinosaurs walking, eating, roaring, and fighting as if you were there millions of years ago. These recreations will help visitors understand how dinosaurs lived, died, and shaped the Earth as we know it today.
Children will be able to dig for fossils in a dinosaur pit and create unique art pieces at crayon rubbing tables. These interactive educational activities will teach you so much about the dinosaur era in a fun way. People of all ages will love this exhibit!

Some interactive highlights of the exhibit that you won’t want to miss include:
The Fossil Dig site
Virtual Dinosaur pit
Crayon rubbing tables
Controlling a robotic dinosaur and see the inner workings

Monday to Sunday
Open 9:00am
Close 7:00pm

WINTER HOURS: October to May
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Open 9:00am
Close 7:00pm

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