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  • 4/5 Stars - Brennan - 16/07/2014

    New boats look great. Big improvement from Maid of The Mist in my honest opinion.

  • 5/5 Stars - Aurora - 17/07/2014

    I was on the old Maid of the Mist years ago, I found this new Hornblower to be a much more enjoyable experience. The boat is bigger and so much smoother in the water! The option of being able to go out in the evening or to watch the fireworks is very exciting!

  • 5/5 Stars - Cathie Lemon - 31/08/2014

    What a fantastic experience, definitely the highlight of our trip to Niagara Falls! We treated ourselves to the fireworks cruise and what a thrill that was. The outdoor tented waiting area( located down at the water), complete with pendant lighting, was a lovely area to sit and relax until they started boarding. You have that opportunity to enjoy a drink that you can take on the cruise with you. The brand new boats are large, have tiered levels upstairs to allow people to get the best view possible. For our fireworks cruise, the boat stopped partway, so the fireworks could be viewed by all. Once finished, the cruise resumed and what a thrill it was! It truly is something to experience, especially at nighttime to see the illumination of the falls. I would say once in a lifetime, but not our lifetime as we will be making a trip back to relive it again! Hornblower Niagara Cruises is a definite upgrade from the former Maid of the Mist, which we have been on a number of times in the past. I guess I would sum it up as an overall classier experience.