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7104 Kinsmen Court, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2E 6S5

You've ridden the rest now come try the best! Feel the adrenaline pumping, while riding side by side, fishtailing through the banked corners of one of North America's fastest tracks. For your safety, all go karts are equipped with roll bars and seatbelts. 

Our New Formula 1 handles like a professional race car, with quick acceleration and super handling. Min. 14 yrs old and 5 ft tall to drive these karts. 

Take your kids for an awesome ride! 
min. 10 yrs old and 4"6" to drive these karts. Passengers ride Free and must be a min. 3 ft tall. 

Mini Putt

Mini-Putt all day for one low price! 

Our course is landscaped with beautiful flowers and plants. Each course has several jungle-like animals guarding the holes. 

Adults $5.50 

Kids $5.00 

Seniors $5.00 



1 lap$4.00
6 laps$22.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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