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221 Glendale Avenue, St. Catharines Ontario Canada, L2T 2K9

Remember those fun filled car rides you used to take with your family to Niagara Falls? Driving by those sprawling acres of fruit trees and carefully groomed vineyards, followed by unforgettable views of the world-famous landmarks, and topping it off by letting loose on Clifton Hill. Today, Niagara attracts millions of visitors annually, showcasing its unique offerings of attractions, golf courses and world-class wineries. Central to Niagara’s appeal is the Pen Centre. Since its opening in 1958, the Pen Centre has evolved into Niagara’s premier shopping destination.

Centrally located in St. Catharines on Highway 406 at Glendale Ave., just 20 minutes from Niagara Falls,Niagara-on-the-Lake and many other popular cities and attractions, the Pen Centre is a community hub brimming with exciting retailers, restaurants, and entertainment. It is an urban marketplace, featuring 1 million square feet of shopping with 180 of the most celebrated brands from across North America and Europe. This new shopping centre now features plenty of soft seating throughout and most importantly a bright, comfortable and welcoming  Food Court with many delectable offerings. The Pen Centre presents a contemporary shopping experience.

 The Pen Centre is truly THE place to shop when visiting Niagara!

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