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5577 Ellen Avenue, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 3P5

Chalet Inn & Suites features some of Niagara's finest accommodations located within easy walking distance of the Falls, Casino Niagara, and many of Niagara's leading attractions.

Architecture resembling a European lodge lends to the ambiance of this fine establishment.

We recently added five story's, an indoor pool, large family suites, and an elevator to suit your needs when traveling to Niagara Falls.


  • Honeymoon suites.
  • 73 roomshot tubs
  • Movies.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Jacuzzi suites.
  • Indoor pool.
  • Outdoor pool.
  • All year.


  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Elevator
  • Indoor Pool
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Shopping Nearby
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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