Father’s Day is approaching! You’re probably starting to think about asking your dad what he wants to do to celebrate. If your dad is anything like mine, you can already hear their response in your head. Something like “nothing” or “I don’t know” or “don’t worry about me”, sometimes I think all dads have that programmed response button built into their systems. Well, not this year daddio! Show him this sure-fire list of things to do that will get him to drop the remote and throw on his totally questionable New Balance shoes.


If you dare challenge your old man to a game of golf, Niagara Falls and the Niagara Region offer more than 25 golf courses such as Whirlpool Golf Course or Legends on the Niagara that have the “wow factor”. Many of which have even won awards! Father’s Day specials are usually offered at these golf courses, so why not book a tee time and offer to be a daddy caddy for the day? Just don’t let the game drive a ~wedge~ between you!

Why does a golfer wear two pairs of socks?
In case he gets a whole in one!


Taking your dad fishing makes for the perfect oppor~tuna~ty to spend some quality time together. The Niagara River is a well regarded area to get ~hooked~ on by fisherman and anglers alike! You can find your own spot along the upper Niagara Parkway above the Falls or join a fishing tour with Niagara Fishing Adventures on Lake Ontario or Niagara River.

What kind of music should you listen to while fishing?
Something catchy!

Father's Day Car Show

This event is sure to get him firing on all cylinders! Take him back to his younger days of polishing up his sweet ride on a hot summer day; Hanging out with his buddies, hootin’ and hollerin’ at pretty ladi–*ahem*… your mother…
This dad-approved car show is taking place in the Stevensville Garden Gallery parking lot and it’s free to spectate with over 100 cars to view. Dad will also receive free admission to Safari Niagara! Lots of food, entertainment and fun to be had with dear ol’ dad.

Where do Volkswagens go when they get old?
The Old Volks home!


Dads and beer go together like white shoes and mowing lawns, why even try to separate them? Crack open a cold one for dad on the Niagara Brewing Company patio and enjoy a stellar view of Clifton Hill with the Falls in the background. If you’re looking to get out and about for the day, ~hops~ on an adult field trip with Brewery & Distillery Tours Niagara! A day he won’t forget! (well, no promises…)

Where do monkeys go to grab a beer?
The monkey bars!


~Leaf~ the couch behind and embark on a nature adventure! The Niagara Glen is a very popular scenic destination for hikers as well as the Niagara River Recreation Trail! Whether you bike or walk, it’s an undeniable experience! and we promise, its not uphill both ways. Top it off with a Hornblower Niagara Cruise into the mist or a trip high above the Niagara River on the Whirlpool Aero Car! It will be the ~peak~ of his day!

Peasant: “The king must be trying to get in shape.”
Other peasant: “How can you tell?”
Peasant: “He’s high-king!”

Dine out

Father’s Day just isn’t Father’s Day without a hefty, delicious meal. Whether you go to The Keg Fallsview, Frontier BBQ & Smokehouse, AG Inspired Cuisine or Copacabana Brazillian Steakhouse you’ll be sure to satisfy his inner carnivore.

If dining out isn’t his forte, fear not! Niagara Ribfest will surely ~meat~ his expectations! Taking place at Rapidsview Park from June 14th-16th. Dad can chill-out and enjoy some good eats, good meats, live entertainment and best of all: FREE PARKING!

Son: “I would make a joke about meat, but I’m afraid that I might butcher it.”
Dad: “Meat jokes are a rare medium, well done!”

History Adventures

Take a step back in time and see what life was like in early 1800’s. In Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake you’ll find two incredible restored forts from the War of 1812 that are worthy of an overture! Historic Fort George and Old Fort Erie both have phenomenal events commemorating battles from the War of 1812.

Why is England the wettest country?
Because the queen has reigned there for years!

Niagara Parks Adventure Pass

Still can’t decide? Grab a “Niagara Parks Adventure Pass” and take him through some of the best Niagara Falls experiences! For a deeply discounted price, you can experience Journey Behind the Falls, Hornblower Niagara Cruises, Niagara’s Fury, White Water Walk and a two-day WEGO access pass! Step it up a notch with the “Adventure Pass Plus” which offers all the above, plus Whirlpool Aero Car, Floral Showhouse, Butterfly Conservatory and all heritage sites!

How would you describe Niagara Falls?
Gorges!, absolutely gorges!

Of course, there are many other events happening during Father's Day weekend that you can check out; but whatever option dad chooses, be sure to end the day with a ~bang~! Catch the spectacular firework display over the Niagara Falls gorge beginning every evening at 10:00pm from June 14th – September 2nd!


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