Eleven kilometres north of the Falls off the Niagara Parkway sits the quaint residential village of Queenston.

For much of the 1700’s Queenston was first called West Landing. It became Queen’s Town in the 1790’s when Governor Simcoe’s regiment “The Queens Own Regiment” was stationed here in the 1790’s. It soon became known as Queenston.

This was a major port where goods that crossed the Niagara River from the “East Landing”, now called Lewiston. These goods were loaded on oxen and horsedrawn wagons and hauled up the steep bank to continue along the Portage route to Chippawa above the falls. From here, they were loaded on ships to be taken further up river to Lake Erie.

At Chippawa, wagons were also loaded with goods to be taken down river below the falls destined for Montreal and eventually Britain.

This route existed because it was the only way at this time to bi-pass Niagara Falls.

Today, you’ll still find this lovely village. It is also, where you will find the William Lyon Mackenzie Printery and Laura Secord homestead operated by The Niagara Parks Commission. This is a great place to park your car and walk the historic streets taking in beautifully restored historic homes.

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