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One of the bloodiest battles of the War of 1812-14 will be commemorated this coming Friday (July 25th) evening when hundreds of people are expected to attend a commemorative ceremony followed by a candlelight vigil to a soldiers’ memorial monument (erected in 1895) found on the site of the battlefield.

The number of British and Canadian troops involved was about 2,800 men plus Indian allies. The invading Americans had just about the same. Extremely fierce and bloody hand-to-hand fighting at bayonet point began at about 7:15 pm and continued until midnight. In total there were about 850 men killed, wounded or missing in action. The Americans suffered the same loss.

When it was over both sides claimed victory but the fact is Americans retreated to the safety of their camps beyond Chippawa leaving the British in possession of the hill. This ended the American advance into Canada.

A commemorative ceremony, organized by the Niagara Falls Lundy’s Lane Historical Society, has been held every 50 years at this historical site.

Today, the site of the battle has been recognized by a new battlefield sign that now sits across the top of Lundy’s Lane. The workmen are just now putting the finishing touches to the sign. This morning I took a visit to the famous battlefield and took the photographs that accompany this blog.

In my next blog I’ll write about the five sightseeing towers that were erected overlooking the site of this famous battle.

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