I can remember clearly when Niagara Falls first casino-Casino Niagara opened on December 9th; 1996.It was the event of the year. The glamorous opening had all the remnants of a Hollywood Gala.

The flashy casino was built on the site of the former Maple Leaf Village at the foot of Clifton Hill.

From the first day it opened Niagara Falls was never the same .The casino was the catalyst for new employment and a draw to a different type of Niagara visitor. It was the thing that brought Niagara Falls out of a deep recession.

Twenty years later another bigger and glitzier casino, the Fallsview Casino was built in the Fallsview area.

Thanks to these two casinos is Niagara Falls largest employer with over 4,000 associate (600 at Casino Niagara) employed year-round.

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