The seventh annual Comic Con is to be held this weekend at the Scotiabank Convention Centre (6815 Stanley Ave) in Niagara Falls. The event which takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is expected to attract 23,000 people. This is one of the city’s biggest single event.

Two of the celebrity’s attendees can expect to see are George Wendt and John Ratzenberger (Norm and Cliff) from, “Cheers”.

 Chris Dabrowski co-founder and organizer of Comic Con say, “We’re lucky in the sense that our Comic Con is in the most famous city in North America”.

This year’s event also features at least one iconic, movie or TV show every year. This year gathers, “Revenge of the Nerds” stars Robert Carradine, Don Gibbs, and Andrew Cassese.

Tickets are $24.95 Friday, $39.95 Saturday and $31.95 Sunday. Three-day passes $66.95, or $199.95 for a Deluxe Speed Pass.

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