Official Niagara Falls Ontario and Niagara Parks Commission historian, Sherman Zavitz has written another book on Niagara Falls entitled, “It Seemed As If 100 Men Were Pounding on My Head”. The book consists of a collection of 45 stories published over the past number of years by the Niagara Falls Review. The title for the new book comes from a story he wrote about Peter Nissen who went through the lower treacherous Whirlpool Rapids in in a craft he had designed. It was made of wood and about six metres long (20 feet) and nearly two metres (six feet) wide. He called the vessel Foolkiller. When he was going through the whirlpool he said it was as if, “100 men were pounding his head with giant hammers”.

This is Sherman’s fourth published book. He’s also a regular columnist in the Niagara Falls Review on Niagara Falls history and a sought after speaker.

I just picked up this morning my copy of the book ($15.00-worth every penny) from the Niagara Falls Public Library on Victoria Avenue .It can also be purchased at the Niagara Falls History Museum on Ferry Street in the falls.

I’ve already finished reading 10 of the stories. Just great!

Congratulations to this fine gentleman. Whenever I have a question on Niagara Falls Sherman Zavitz usually has the answer and is always most helpful.

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