To this date 16 different people have intentionally gone over the falls in or on some type of contraption (most of them in barrels). Fifteen of these people went over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and one over the American Falls. Six lost their lives.

Two of them were women and two went over the falls twice.

It was Annie Taylor who “got the ball rolling” when she successfully went over the falls on October 24th, 1901.

The only person to go over the American Falls was Kirk Jones. He went over on June 2, 2016 in a 10-foot rubber ball. He was thrown out of the barrel onto rocks below the fall. His body was retrieved the same day from Lake Ontario by the U.S. Coast Guard. Jones had attempted to kill himself by jumping over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls on October 20th, 2003. He miraculously survived and a few weeks later he changed his story saying he was a daredevil.

Here is a photograph of David Munday who had successfully went over the falls in plastic/aluminum barrel on October 5,1985 (32 years ago). Uninjured he crawled out of his barrel onto the plaza level of the Table Rock Scenic Tunnels (now called Journey Behind the Falls). He is being interviewed by a local radio station reporter. The photograph was taken by my then 8-year old son Michael.

It is illegal and foolish to attempt such a feat. In addition, the fines are large and confiscation of your barrel is a sure thing.

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