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Daredevils 2 months ago

Thrills... if you dare!

Ride the rapids, zipline to the Falls, soar to the sky and feel your heart beat faster with fear and excitement at Niagara Falls' scariest haunted house.

The Age of Daredevils: Niagara’s Daredevil Book

Daredevils 3 years ago

Niagara’s Last, “Daredevil”

Daredevils 4 years ago

Niagara Falls First Daredevil-Sam Patch

History 5 years ago

Niagara Daredevils

Daredevils 5 years ago

Two Daredevils Climb the Icy Goat Island

Daredevils 5 years ago

Sam Patch Niagara First Daredevil

History 6 years ago

Steven Trotter-Daredevil # 9

Daredevils 6 years ago

Dr. William Fitzgerald’s Trip Over Niagara Falls

Daredevils 6 years ago

Niagara’s Last,” Daredevil”

Daredevils 7 years ago

July Was Daredevil Month in Past Years

Daredevils 7 years ago

Roger Woodward was NOT a Daredevil

History 7 years ago

Daredevil Gallery in Historic Niagara Falls

Daredevils 7 years ago