I plan on being at the falls this evening to view the enhanced lighting of the falls at 6:10 p.m.

Members of the Niagara Falls Illumination Board have spent $4-million over the past few months in new technology to enhance the nightly lighting of the American, Bridal Veil and Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

These falls have been lit using 21 xenon spotlights for the past 20 years. This new system will have 100 panels of LED lights which will provide twice the current lighting levels and allow for a full palette of colour combinations that hasn’t been available in the past.

I can’t wait to see this new lighting system. Look for a photo that I will post soon of the spectacular event.

The illumination of the falls takes place every evening of the year and it is free of charge.

  • Guy

    Guy 2 years ago

    Awesome George... looking forward to seeing it too...

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