Niagara Falls Tourism Coloured Leaf  Niagara Falls Canada

That’s right. Now that the weather is dipping to two digits below zero you can escape to the tropics by visiting 3 popular locations located in Niagara Falls, Canada.

When I left my home this morning it was a bitterly cold -14 Degrees Celsius. Within a 15 minute drive to a greenhouse just above the Canadian Horseshoe Falls I was in an atmosphere of 21 degrees above Celsius.Here’s the reason why.

I visited the Niagara Parks Commission’s Floral Showcase where it is always warm. This greenhouse has been around for over 60 years and right now is featuring their Spring Show. The greenhouse was filled with beautifully coloured, aromatic plants such as cyclamen, Cineraria, Kalanchoe and forced bulbs. This show continues until Easter (March 31st).

Two other places to escape to the tropics are;The Niagara Falls Bird Kingdom near the falls is filled with free flying birds from around the world.

On the lower Niagara Parkway 9 Kilometres (5 miles) from the falls is the Butterfly Conservatory. You’ll find two thousand tropical butterflies floating freely in a rainforest of lush, exotic plants.

There is an admission for all of these attractions but it’s still a cheap way to escape the cold of winter.

Here are a few photos of what it looks like inside the Floral Showcase. Can’t you just feel the warmth? Enjoy.

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