49 year old Will Gadd who climbed the ice up the gorge wall next to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls last month has been named, “National Geographic’s 2014 Adventurer of the Year”.

The climb was sponsored by the energy drink, Red Bull.

On May 3rd Gadd says he will return to Niagara Falls to take part in Red Bull’s Wings for Life World Run. This is a global fundraiser to find a cure for spinal cord injury. About 150,000 people will run at the same time in 35 locations around the world. The Niagara Falls Canada run starts at 7.a.m. at Kingsbridge Park in the village of Chippawa. Entry is $60.00 with all proceeds going towards spinal cord research. Last year’s run raised 4.1 million.

I’m hoping to take part in this year’s run.

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