It was on January 27th, 1938 that a massive buildup of ice below the falls (it’s called an Ice Bridge) pushed over the abutments of this bridge that was built in 1899.Often referred to at the time as the, “greatest steel arch bridge in the world” but the abutments were no match to the powerful force of the ice that grew to eighty feet. Efforts to blast away the ice were futile.

The bridge was closed and thousands of spectators travelled to Niagara Falls to see what was inevitable-the collapse of the bridge.

It happened at 4:20 pm on January 27th.But that wasn’t the end to this spectacle. The bridge was it ended up on the ice bridge below refused to shrivel up and die. It remained on the ice for a long time and suddenly at 7: 10 a.m. on April 12th it slipped into the water and disappeared.

Today’s Rainbow Bridge built in 1941 replaced this bridge. Abutments for this bridge are much higher than the previous Honeymoon Bridge and chances are slim that this will ever happen again.

An Ice-Bridge is visible today at Niagara Falls but not as spectacular as there were in earlier years.

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