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Meteorologists are reporting that Lake Erie is now 97 % covered by ice. This is the largest cover of ice in 20 years. Lake Erie is the shallowest of the five Great Lakes. This year ice started forming in the latter part of November. It usually doesn’t start to form until mid-December.

The ice coverage is attributed to the bone chilling temperatures we’ve been experiencing this winter. This ice coverage is expected to expand if temperatures stay in the range they are now.
Two groups of people who welcome the ice coverage are: tourists and locals who have travelled to see the spectacular site and ice fishers who have set up far more huts on the ice this year.
Once the weather starts to warm up strong winds will break up the ice and force most of it down the Niagara River and over the falls. We can expect to see enormous Ice Bridges below the falls once this happens.
 This usually means tour boats that operate below the falls will have a late start for the season (late April possibly May). They have to wait until all the ice has gone before they can operate safely.
Attached are a few photos I took from the Canadian shoreline of Lake Erie. One of them shows the Buffalo skyline, the other shows two people who have ventured way-out on the lake.
To see the latest ice conditions simply Goggle, “Lake Erie Ice Conditions”.

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