Living in Niagara Falls I’ve always appreciated the many free things locals and visitors can do in this lovely city. Here are just a few.

-go for a hike in the Niagara Glen Nature Area, or Dufferin Islands.

-have a picnic along the Niagara Parkway. The tables and grills are even there to use free of charge.

-Delight in looking at the falls under the lights 365 days of the year.

-walk the pathways in Queen Victoria Park near the falls. Not only relish the falls but the lovely colourful gardens.

-be entertained by the fireworks and live bands near the falls.

-Drive “The Loveliest Sunday afternoon drive in the world” (according to former British PM, Winston Churchill) to Niagara on the Lake. Stop and take in the grounds of the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture and just a bit further down the road, one of the world’s largest Floral Clocks.

-drive to Queenston Heights Park and see Brock’s Monument. You can even climb it if you want.

-explore Clifton Hill, “The Street of Fun at the Falls”.

-take in the Samuel Weir Museum located on the lower Niagara Parkway.

-Visit the administration headquarters Monday through Friday at 7400 Portage Road. It’s the former stately home of Harry Oakes built in the late 1920’s.

-walk, run, wheelchair or peddle the Niagara Parkway River Trail between Fort Erie and Niagara on the Lake.

I’m sure once you are here you’ll find other free things to enjoy.

Check out this web site for more detailed information.