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Last night at the annual Ontario Museum Association (OMA) awards banquet at the Nottawasaga Resort in Aliston Ontario, it was announced that the Niagara Falls Museums had won an Award of Excellence for their summer exhibition of “[No] Vacancy: Honeymoon Suite or By-the-Week, Motel Culture in Niagara”. The OMA awards members of the community annually for outstanding achievements in the field of Museums.

The curatorial team at the Museum worked very hard at pulling this exhibition together.

A special thanks goes out to those who made this exhibition come to life. Brainkite Co. for creating the scenery to showcase the history and our collection, Niagara Artists Centre for collaborating on the vision, Joan Nicks for assisting with the exhibition from start to finish, Oliver Pauk and Zach Slootsky for their wonderful photographs portraying contemporary architecture of motels in Niagara Falls and John Burtniak and George Bailey for the loan of their personal collections to the exhibition.

Here's what the OMA had to say:

[No] Vacancy: Honeymoon Suites or By‐the‐Week, Motel Culture in Niagara Niagara Falls History Museum
The OMA Award of Excellence in Exhibitions is presented to individuals, institutions, corporations, or agencies for the creation of an exceptional and engaging exhibition.

No exhibition on Niagara’s once significant motel culture has ever been attempted. At [No] Vacancy visitors are immersed in a nostalgic,familiar, and interactive experience with intimate stories that resonate throughout the exhibition. Galleries include artefacts from the motel history of Niagara, a 1950s dress up in section that allows the visitor to reflect the motel building boom, and architecture that has been left behind from this vital part of Niagara Falls tourism history. Combining the conventions of gallery installations and public learning, the Niagara Falls Museum exhibition flows from past to present, conveying a strong sense of local history and the mythology accruing from Niagara’s motel culture. It is the outcome of teamwork by the museum’s curatorial staff, local artists, and the committed local collectors who provided loans. The exhibition has garnered press coverage, spirited conversation among viewers, heritage officers, members of Ontario’s oldest historical society, and Canadian and International visitors.

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