Did you know that Navy Island, an island in the middle of the Niagara River above the Falls, was once a proposed sight for the UN Headquarters? That’s right.

At an historic conference held in San Francisco in the spring of 1945 delegates from 50 nations worked out a charter for a new organization to be known as the United Nations. With the Second World War only recently finished this new organization would, “will banish the scourge and terror of war”.

An international committee from the Niagara area put forth an argument to the delegate’s at the conference that the 127 hectare (315 acre) piece of land owned by Canada in the Niagara River 5 kilometres (three miles) above the falls would be the perfect spot. The island sits along the border of two great nations. If selected two bridges would be built to connect the island to both Canada and the United States. Their proposal was rejected and the United Nations was to be built in New York City 10.5 hectare (26 acres) of land was donated by the wealthy Rockefeller brothers.

Navy Island today is still only accessible by boat and a beautiful spot to visit.

Can you imagine what this area would have been like if the Niagara proposal was selected?

Attached is a sketch of the Navy Island proposal. The two bridges connecting Canada and the United States to the island can be seen. Both mist from the falls is visible at the top of the sketch.

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