The Niagara Parks Commission announced it’s much anticipated, Mist Rider Zip Line Attraction opens Friday, July 15th. Staff has already tested the zipline attraction that descends from the Grand View Marketplace at the foot of Clifton Hill some 670 metres (2,200 feet) into the gorge near the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. There are four parallel zip lines and speeds can reach as high as 60 kilometres an hour. An automatic braking system is engaged once it gets to the bottom. Shuttle vans are used to bring riders back up to street level. The cost for the ride starts at $50.00.

A second NPC attraction called Wildplay’s Whirlpool Adventure across from the Whirlpool Golf Couse at Thompson’s Point (at the far end of the Niagara Spanish Aero Car) on the lower Niagara Parkway is expected to be open the end of this month. For more information on both attractions go to

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