Temperatures in the bone-chilling -16 C range have turned the area around the falls into a winter wonderland calling out in to be photographed. Cold artic winds have coated walls, trees, buildings, and lampposts into priceless pieces of art. Check out these photographs taken this week.

However, even though everything around the falls is frozen the three falls themselves continue to flow and churn up frosty mist around them.

Visitors are reminded to bundle up warmly in layers of clothing and wear sturdy shoes to capture award winning selfies. The area around Table Rock on the Canadian side of the border is a favourite with most folks.

Stay later to see the ice illuminated with colours of the rainbow. Also, before you leave be sure to take in the 35th annual Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights.

Stay tuned, in the next week I’ll feature blogs on the Ice-bridge, the ice-bridge tragedy of 1912 where three people lost their lives and the collapse of the Honeymoon Bridge due to the build-up of ice in the lower Niagara River.

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