• Michelle white

    Michelle white 5 months ago

    My maternal grandfather retired from Nabisvo.
    Wallace Yates. This article was interesting, Thank you!

  • Bill Steinbicker

    Bill Steinbicker 4 months ago

    Shredded Wheat is my breakfast cereal of choice about four days a week. Recently my wife and I watched the 1953 Marilyn Monroe movie "Niagara." In it, Marilyn and her husband are in town to visit the company he works for: the makers of Shredded Wheat. His boss and his wife join the couple for some sight seeing and talk a little bit about the company. This was enough to trigger childhood memories of eating Shredded Wheat as a boy and the pictures of Niagara Falls on the boxes; something I had long forgotten. I enjoy the heritage of this cereal, not to mention the good nutrition it offers along with zero sugar!

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