Things have changed dramatically since I first managed the Sheraton Fox head Hotel (now called The Sheraton on the Falls) in the late seventies. Come Labour Day we would start shutting down the hotel for the winter. Boy, have things changed. Now hotels, restaurants, and attractions remain open year-round. Why is that?

Wayne Thomson, Chair of Niagara Falls Tourism and remembers those days. He credits many factors for our now year-round business. More attractions remain open longer. The Trip to the Bottom of the Falls boat tours is a good example. Also, the weaker Canadian dollar has made travel to Niagara Falls more attractive to our American friends and helps keep more Canadians travelling in Canada. Thomson is quoted in our local newspaper as saying, “I think we have done a great job co-ordinating our marketing with the provincial and federal government”. More recently, he credits the Kelly and Ryan Show aired this past June to millions of viewers which showed the beauty of Niagara Falls and the many things to do here.

There are many more reasons or visiting Niagara Falls throughout the year. Check us out on this sight.

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