It comes as no surprise to me that Niagara Falls is on many peoples, “Bucket List” of places to visit before they reach the end of their lives.,

Global accommodations booking website, Chinese visitors who now have only recently had the opportunity to travel, list Niagara Falls as the eight place on their wish list to visit .One other recent survey forecasts report that in four years outbound Chinese visitor’s will be around 174 million, spending about $343 Billion Canadian annually. The average Chinese international traveller spends $653 per day.

Maybe I should begin taking Chinese language lessons.

  • jacker

    jacker 2 years ago

    Niagara falls is a most precious destination for visit in the USA. It is a nature place where visitors can enjoy most exciting views of nature beauty. I love this destination due to its clear white water. I had spectacular time there during my new york to niagara falls bus with few fellows. It was my life's best tour. It was a memorable time of my life while I was captured a lot of images in my camera. I will love to go there again in my future life if i get any chance.

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