I was reminded this week as I looked out my window about two kilometres from the falls about how “old-timers” had forecasted Niagara Falls weather in the past.

What I saw was a plume of mist shooting high in the sky. In addition to this the sound of the Niagara River crashing into the gorge at the falls could not be heard. These are still two indications of what weather lies ahead for us for the day. You see, the high plume indicates high humidity and a nice day ahead. When the falls is quiet Lake Erie to the south is calm and the water flowing down the river is normal, another indication of a nice day.

Conversely, if the plume was low and I could hear the falls from my house, more water is being forced down the river and over the falls. This is a good indication bad weather for the day will follow.

Who needs a weather person when we have the falls to rely upon?


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