Nearby Niagara on the Lake, about 24 kilometres north of Niagara Falls along The Niagara Parkway, was featured on the national news program Canada Am this morning. I took a drive to this beautiful town of 15,200 to take in some of the excitement. Jeff Hutchinson, who was hosting this segment, bragged about the beauty of the town. He interviewed several residents of the town including the town’s Lord Mayor Patrick Darte. The Lord Mayor told Jeff the town receives about 2 and a half million visitors a year and has about 250 bed and Breakfasts to offer these visitors. One question he couldn’t get an answer for is, why is the Mayor referred to as the Lord Mayor? Here’s the story as I heard it. When the current Queen of England’s mother visited the town many years ago, she addressed the Mayor as Lord Mayor (Similar to the title of the Lord Mayor of London) .The name stuck.
Here are a few photographs I took this morning near the Memorial Clock Tower on Queen Street where the filming was taking place. Jeff Hutchinson is the guy in the leather jacket.

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