As the weather gets a little gloomier we could all use a picker-upper. Here it is.

The NPC’s annual mum show is now in full bloom at the Floral Showhouse just off the Niagara Parkway (7145 Niagara Parkway) a few kilometres beyond the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

These exhibition chrysanthemums have large exotic blooms. They are not like the same mums that grow and bloom outside in your garden. These plants are special.

You cane expect to see about 600 different types of mums at this show.

Sorry, I don’t have a photograph of this show, but here’s one of the Easter Show. You’ll get the idea.

The show runs until Nov.16th, 9:30 am until 5 pm daily.

Admission is $5.65 for adults and for children 6-12 years of age $4.24. All taxes are included in the admission prices.


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