Established in 1936 on 40 hectares (100 acres) of land adjacent to the Niagara Glen on the lower Niagara Parkway, this is the only known school of its kind in North America. From a total enrolment of 36 students ( this number changes at times) the school usually graduates 11 students each year, of this three year program who are eagerly sought after by parks, nurseries, greenhouses and other horticultural businesses.

Admittance to the garden is free, however, there is a small parking fee.

This is a popular destination for visitors year round featuring 2,400 roses, perennials, herbs, Rhodendrons plus many more plants and trees and a large vegetable garden all maintained by the students as part of their learning experience.

Here is a photograph I took of a few of the students tending to the grounds.

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