Have you ever heard of Niagara Spar? I have on my desk beside me a chunk of this spar.

This rock at one time was taken in large quantities in the mid eighteen hundreds from below and behind the Canadian Horseshoe Falls .Entrepreneurs labeled the rock, “Petrified Mist” or “Niagara Spar” and they fashioned all kinds of jewellery from this form of calcite stone (which was easy to carve).

Later when the supply ran out, the raw material was imported from England.

Today, it is rare to see both Niagara Spar Jewelry and the stone itself.

  • Julie Ritz

    Julie Ritz 1 year ago

    In 1962 my husband and I bought gifts for relatives in multiple colors. When we went back in 1988 all we found was one rosary on Canadian side. It is the crystal colored. I'm not sure if it is real. How did it run out? At the time it was said that the falls created it.

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