I was hired by the Ontario government to photograph the annual Travel Information Services Conferences held this past Tuesday in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Was I pleasantly surprised to find out that two student Counsellors, Emma Farrell and Brendan Sylvia, who have worked at the Niagara Falls Travel Information Centre, took two of the three Student Scholarship Awards (each with a $1,000 cheque) handed out at this event.

To be considered for the award the Counsellors had to write an essay about their experiences and the things they learned at their job. There were 22 applicants from across Ontario that entered the competition.

Also, local long term Travel Centre employees, Jackie Phillip, the amiable Regional Manager for Niagara /Southwest Regions of Ontario Travel Information Centres was presented  a long term staff award for her 30 years of service(and she still looks like a kid) and her equally pleasant assistant Garlene Kubisheskie was presented with a 25 years staff award.

Congratulations to all these lovely Niagara folks.

Here’s a photograph, left to right, of the happy four taken at the event.

Garlene, Jackie, Emma and Brendan.

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