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Towers overlooking Niagara Falls have been a big part of the falls since the mid 1800’s.

Modern day towers began in 1962 when a promoter from Buffalo, New York succeeded in promoting an observation tower, 99 metres (325 feet) above the ground in the Fallsview area of the falls. It offered a spectacular view of the Falls, The Gorge, and the Upper Rapids.

It was originally called the Seagram Tower. Over the years it has undergone a number of name changes. Today, it is known as the Tower Hotel. The tower features 41 rooms, an observation deck, a restaurant and a wedding chapel.

In 1964 a new tower originally called the Oneida Tower opened on front lawn of the Oneida Community Silverware plant which overlooked the falls. This was 108 metres (355 feet). This open steel tower, also has had several names. Today it is called the Casino Tower.  It has remained empty for years and now serves as a giant billboard for Casino Niagara which is now located on this site.

The tallest tower, the Skylon, was also built in 1964.This tower is 160 metres (520 feet) high. Atop the tower is a stationary dining room and a revolving dining room which makes a complete 360-degree revolution very hour. At the base of the tower is retail shops and an indoor amusement park as well as an extensive exhibition area.

It has never changed its name. Three outside, “yellow bug” elevators are a familiar site as they travel up and down the tall shaft of this magnificent structure.

Today, modern skyscraper hotels some 42 to 61 storeys high have come to rival these towers.

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