It was 13 years ago today on October 20th, 2003 that 40 year old Kirk Jones from Canton, Ohio attempted to end his life by jumping into the Upper Niagara River. Miraculously, wearing only his jacket and jeans he survived the plunge over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls without a scratch.

After his rescue he told a Niagara Falls Review reporter, “It was my full intent to end my life at those falls. What I did that day was neither heroic nor something that should be emulated in any way by anyone”.

Later in a 2004 interview on Canada AM he had a completely different spin for the reason he did it. He told the interviewer, “Well, I have to say it was a challenge to myself, all my life I have felt that I never achieved what I wanted. I was always fascinated by Niagara and I thought once in my life completing a challenge to myself would no longer make me feel fear”.

Kirk Jones was not a daredevil, but he was one of the luckiest people on this planet!

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