Many years ago I purchased at a garage sale in Niagara Falls a box containing loads of old photos of the falls and other related printed material.
This week I was looking at the contents again and came across two small booklets that I had missed seeing. They were the 1888 and 1889 Annual Reports of the Queen Victoria Niagara Falls Park (the present day Niagara Parks Commission).
The third annual report (1888) of the park submitted by Chairman C.S. Gzowski is filled with lots of interesting information. Here are a few tidbits from the report.
-“The conception of rescuing the environments of Niagara from vandalic discretion of the preceding half century originated with the Earl of Dufferin at an interview he had in 1878 with Governor Robinson of the State of New York”.
-the legislature of Ontario passed an act in 1885 to appoint three commissioners, without compensation. This board was “charged with the duty of selecting lands as were in their opinion proper and requisite to restore to some extent the scenery around the Falls of Niagara to its natural condition and to preserve the same from further deterioration”.

It seems to me that what they did in 1888 still exists today.

I plan to pass the annual reports along to The Niagara Parks Commission for their care.

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