After writing this blog for the Niagara Falls Tourism Association for the past ten years (Original launch date, October 21, 2008) it’s sad for me to say this will be my last blog. Almost from day one, Toni Fusarelli, of Niagara Falls Tourism has assisted me with research and suggested blog content. Thanks Toni for all your hard work over the years. I’ll miss dealing with you and all the other fine folk at the bureau. Special thanks to my wife Ellen for putting up with me.

Why Now?

Some of you have been aware for the past two years I’ve been battling Parkinson’s disease. (My wonderful brother Greg, who also worked in his tourism industry for many years, has had Parkinson’s for 24 years!) My shaking has become a bit too much to handle. Researching and typing these blogs have become a real challenge. In addition to Parkinson’s, I also have developed Stenosis and osteoarthritis of the spine. I now require the use of a cane and a walker to get around. Aren’t I a joy to be with!

I’m closing in on the better side of 75 (no…that couldn’t be me!) and enjoyed every moment of those years.

Thanks folks, I hope to still see you around.

  • Guy

    Guy 3 weeks ago

    I've enjoyed reading all of your books and your blogs. You have the gift of sharing knowledge. That gift will be missed... we will miss you.
    This is a sad blog.
    Cheers my friend,

  • David Lopeke

    David Lopeke 3 weeks ago

    Dear George:

    I have been faithfully following your blogs for the past 10 years. As a frequent visitor to the Niagara Region (I live in the nearby "valley town" of Dundas), you have opened up so many aspects of Niagara Falls that I have now experienced. The wealth of knowledge and experience you have provided have enriched each visit of mine. I will sincerely miss both your periodic writings and your interesting musings. May your future be blessed abundantly and thanks for what you provided to not only me, but to all your readers!

    Regards, David Lopeke, Dundas, ON

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