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I’ve just started re-reading the excellent book produced by the City of Niagara Falls called, “Images of a Century 1904-2004” and thought you might find this of interest.

-The population of Niagara Falls in 1964 was 53,352 (In 2016 it was 88,071)

-The Oneida Tower (now the, Casino Niagara Tower) opened in 1964 followed by its “Big Brother”, the Skylon Tower in 1965.

-1966 was the year the modern Michael’s Inn and Sheraton Foxhead opens their doors for business. I was General Manager of this hotel for two years in the 1970’s.

The Hollywood Wax Museum on Clifton Hill also opened in 1966.The museum is still here today and going strong.

-In 1967 a portion of Mount Carmel Monastery (a popular visitor attraction even to this day) was burned and later demolished. It was re-built and opens to the public free of charge.         

- 1968 saw the opening of the new Holiday Inn by the Falls. The Space Spiral Tower (dismantled in 2006 to make room for new development) and Houdini’s Hall of Fame on Clifton Hill, closed in 1995.

For more interesting facts and figures for Niagara Falls, I suggest you check this book out at the Niagara Falls library.

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