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I happened to be near the lower Whirlpool Rapids Commuter Bridge in Niagara Falls a few days ago and came across a scene from the past.

A large film crew had cordoned off Zimmerman Avenue between Bridge Street and Park Street. They had converted this small section of the roadway to look like a neighbourhood from the 1900’s. Concrete sidewalks had been converted into old-style plank wood sidewalks. Several truck loads of sand now covered the asphalt road. New storefronts had sprouted and the one-time Niagara Falls Police Station which was originally built in 1885 had new life.

I learned later a crew of about 25, with about 160 extras (many of them from Niagara Falls) were filming scenes for a TV series called, “Streets of Yesterday” (the alternate title is, “American Gods “). One notable cast member is Cloris Leachman.

The filming is slated to wrap-up on July 23 and the show is to be aired the beginning of 2019.

This was the same area that was featured in the 1952 movie, “Niagara” with Marilyn Monroe. The one-time police station in this movie was shown as the Niagara Falls City Morgue.

I took a couple of photographs which accompany this blog for posterity.

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