In January 2017 I blogged about a Titanic museum being planned for Niagara Falls and a few months after the announcement I heard no more about the project. But, It looks like now the attraction is back on track.

With financing now in place by a group of local venture capitalists, Experience Titanic Museum is expected to create 250-full time and part-time construction and operating jobs.

The $21-million facility will give visitors the chance to experience what it might have been like to be aboard the doomed ship on its maiden voyage that sank after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean on April 14,1912 resulting in 1,503 lost lives. The experience will also allow people to feel what it was like to be in first class, in all its opulence, second class and the furnace room of the ship.

Wit finance behind them the goal is to open the museum within 12-14 months.

Developers have identified two potential three to four-acre sites in the tourist area for the roughly 4,950 square-metre (55,000-square foot) facility. One potential site is the site of the former Niagara Falls Memorial  Arena near the top of Clifton Hill. This site most recently housed a sand sculpture attraction.

Wouldn’t it be nice if James Cameron the writer/director of the block buster 1997 film Titanic had some involvement with this museum? Cameron was raised in Chippawa,which is now a part of Niagara Falls