Embark on this spectacular culinary tour with Chef Massimo Capra to experience a five-course dinner menu that showcases the most delicious food and wine to have emerged from Italy’s Veneto region. Veneto’s long-standing culinary tradition has given us risotto, risi e bisi, fresh seafood, wild game, and tiramisu, while it’s centuries-old wine-growing tradition offers us world-renowned wines like merlot and prosecco. Chef Massimo Capra and Executive Chef John Casciato will be hosting an evening full of amazing food and wine that will transport you from the Rainbow Room’s spectacular Fallsview dining room to the magical streets of Venice, Verona, and the like.

Showcasing Wines From: Fumanelli Wines are produced exclusively from the grapes growing on the Squarano Estate, which are carefully hand selected during the harvest. Ageing takes place in 17th century tuff stone wine cellars and wine making is supported by a combination of traditional and innovative techniques with the greatest respect for the grapes.

Your night includes…
Mix and mingle with Chefs Massimo Capra & John Casciato
Standing Cocktail Reception with Canapes and Prosecco
5 Course Dinner and Wine Pairings from Fumanelli Winery

Dinner $129 per person plus taxes and gratuity