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Saturday August 26
Plush Imperial 4515 Queen Street, Niagara Falls
3.1km from the Falls (1.9mi)

CariFalls is a multicultural experience with international participation that brings together Caribbean, Latin, Central, South and North America, Brazilian and Bahamian cultures. Featuring the display of traditional craftsmanship and design of the elaborate, embellished, exotic, colourful costumes brought to life in the presentation of the walking parade to the cultural music and chants projected through the streets. This worldly MULTICULTURAL Fashion walking parade/carnival will lead attendees into a fenced event space where there will be a live on stage display and performance, by international, national and local artists.

There will be a wide variety of vendors and artisans with an array of alluring cultural merchandise for the pleasure of all attendees creating a street full of cultural aromas. Tempting, inviting your taste buds to take a worldly escape with a variety of foods and drinks to enjoy.

A Kid Zone area will also be set up for families to enjoy, this space will feature bouncy castles, games, food, clowns & face painting.


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