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Friday September 30
@ 11:00am
Niagara Falls History Museum 5810 Ferry Street, Niagara Falls
1.5km from the Falls (0.9mi)

In honor of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Rick Hill will host a conversation, looking at the recent visit of Pope Francis to issue formal apologies for the harm done at Catholic-run residential schools, and how this has become an important step in the personal and collective recovery and sense of connection to an Indigenous place. The residential school survivors and their descendants, the victims of the 60's Scoop and children who grew up away from their home community, are trying to rebuild their Indigenous identity and sense of self. Colonization has damaged Indigenous identity, connection to place and cultural continuity. Yet, Indigenous resilience and strength is shining through and we will examine the current social cultural and educational movements to bring back what was nearly lost. Starts at 11:00am. Online Registration is required. See website to register.