Irish Kitchen Party

Greg Frewin Theatre 5781 Ellen Avenue, Niagara Falls
1.4km from the Falls (0.9mi)

Come drop by Greg Frewin Theatre for some Irish shenanigan, and join their “Irish Kitchen Party”!

Enjoy an Irish themed buffet lunch followed by a rollicking performance by The American Rogues! This band will have you toe tapping, singing along and dancing in the aisles!

Drawing favourable comparisons to Wolfstone, Afro Celt Sound System, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, symphonies, and Japanese taiko groups, American Rogues are known for their epic, multi-instrumental sound that crosses the musical landscape to include jigs, reels, hornpipes, ballads, originals, covers, soundtracks, patriotic and military music, Irish foot-stompers and more. They are fast becoming a household name with music lovers around the world, loved by young and old of all backgrounds. 


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